Wandsworth Conservative Community

Wandsworth Conservatives have been delivering value for money to local residents through low taxes and top quality services for more than 30 years. The Conservatives took control of this inner London Borough in 1978 after years of Labour rule had left it dubbed "Moscow on Thames". It was soon recognised as a "flagship" Conservative council during the Thatcher years, pioneering concepts such as council house sales to tenants and competitive tendering for services that were subsequently taken up by local government across the country. Today, Wandsworth Conservatives remain committed to being at the cutting edge of developments in local government and are determined to help the Cameron government push forward its agenda of developing a 'big society' underpinned by sound financial foundations. After years of a centralising target-obsessed Labour regime it is refreshing to work with a new administration committed to localism and to have in Jane Ellison and Justine Greening two first-class local MPs that are playing a key role in developing agenda in government. For more information about the great work of the Wandsworth conservatives visit : www.wandsworthconservatives.com

Our Wandsworth Mission

Our mission as Wandsworth community is to provide a wide range of useful information, news, links and a forum facility to enable local Wandsworth residents and businesses to add their views and get their voices heard.